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Breast Milk Bank

The breast milk bank on the basis of the Lviv perinatal center became the second bank in Ukraine that has been operating in the perinatal center since December 19, 2022.

The bank is equipped with all the necessary equipment that meets the highest modern global standards. These are special refrigerators with a temperature indicator, freezers for milk storage, ultrasonic homogenizers where milk analysis is performed, pasteurizers and other equipment.
Thanks to the Breast Milk Bank, children who, for medical or other reasons, are temporarily unable to receive their mother's milk, can be fed with donor breast milk. According to WHO, American Academy of Pediatrics and UNICEF recommendations, donor breast milk is the second best food for newborns and infants after mother's milk.

A bank of breast milk is an integral part of the modern system of care for newborns after childbirth, especially if children need long-term treatment or for other reasons when breastfeeding by the biological mother is difficult. Thanks to Milk Banks, premature babies can feed exclusively on breast milk from the first minutes of life.

Who can become a milk donor?

Milk donors are healthy lactating women who decide to share their surplus milk with the Breast Milk Bank. Recruitment of female donors usually occurs during the postpartum period. Donating milk is possible in the first 12 months of breastfeeding your own child.
Donors are mainly mothers who have consciously chosen breastfeeding as a way of feeding their child, know its benefits for the child and want to ensure optimal nutrition for other children.
None of the artificial mixtures on the market have the composition and properties that are inherent in breast milk.
We invite women to become donors at the Breast Milk Bank of the perinatal center!

The breast milk bank is a high-tech laboratory that is engaged in:

Receiving breast milk from donors


Study of the composition and microbiological purity of donor milk


Processing and safe storage


Distribution of breast milk among newborns who need donor milk

Contact number of the Bank of breast milk
0 800 505 435
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