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Department of anesthesiology and intensive care

Rational modern analgesia is about respect and care, comfort and safety of patients!

A team of 10 highly qualified anesthesiologists provides adequate analgesia during physiological births, caesarean sections, gynecological operations and the early postoperative period, follicle punctures during assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

At the service of patients:

  • 12 beds in the department of anesthesiology and intensive care

  • Practical experience of specialists and their continuous professional development

  • Full supply of medicines

  • The latest anesthesia and respiratory equipment, equipment for autohemotransfusion

  • Use of modern global methods and approaches in anesthesiology and intensive care


Analgesia for physiological childbirth

In WHO recommendations (2018), a woman's request is considered an indication for the use of analgesia. When preparing for childbirth, every woman should have access to information about various methods of pain relief. We discuss this topic at the lectures of the Academy of Parenthood. It is important, together with the obstetrician-gynecologist and anesthesiologist, to choose the method of analgesia that will be optimal in view of the clinical picture. The patient must be aware of the mechanism of action of the chosen method of analgesia, be informed about contraindications, possible side effects and complications. This will help you to feel more calm and confident, and also not to feel excessive stress on the important day - the day of delivery. Of course, a woman can give birth without the use of medical methods of analgesia.


Regional methods of childbirth analgesia

  • spinal analgesia

  • epidural analgesia

  • spinal epidural analgesia

Painkillers are administered regionally (locally), so they relieve pain only in a certain part of the body, they are not absorbed into the baby's blood. From 60 to 90% of women in developed countries choose epidural anesthesia for childbirth.


high efficiency

Advantages of regional analgesia:

absence of negative impact on the body of mother and child


safety of methods

Sufficient awareness of a woman is the key to comfort and peace of mind during childbirth!

More than 60% of physiological births in the Lviv Perinatal Center take place with the use of epidural analgesia. And this indicator is growing from year to year. During caesarean sections, epidural analgesia is 97%.


Epidural anesthesia is the "gold standard" of childbirth analgesia all over the world!

General anesthesia is used only in some cases when performing a cesarean section.


Get to know the obstetrician-gynecologists who conduct appointments in the specialized women's consultation


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Endocrinologist, therapist, urologist, sexologist, geneticist, dermatovenerologist, psychologist

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