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Maternity ward

One of the main departments of the Lviv Perinatal Center

For more than three decades, we have conducted more than 100,000 births of varying degrees of complexity.

Dreams come true here!


Childbirth is the way to a new life! The first meeting with the baby, unforgettable emotions and the realization of the mission of parenthood.

And for the medical staff, it is a big responsibility for the health of two patients at the same time, creating safe and comfortable conditions of stay.


Maternity ward

13 updated delivery rooms, two of which are box type
Operating unit with two operating rooms

Why choose us?

  • continuous professional development of personnel

  • innovative equipment

  • an individual plan for managing partner births

  • the most modern methods of analgesia during childbirth

  • full supply of medicines and consumables

  • a closed cycle of providing neonatal care

  • safety and comfort of stay

  • nutritious food

  • early discharge of women in labor

In each delivery room:

  • bed-transformer FREYA

  • a table for a newborn

  • Sonicaid system

  • a chair for a partner

  • fitballs of different shapes (classic, peanut)

  • chair for vertical childbirth

  • separate bathroom

We conduct births of various degrees of complexity


Physiological childbirth


The maternity ward specializes in childbirth:

  • In pregnant women with extragenital pathology, such as: heart defects, hypertension, diabetes, oncological diseases, epilepsy, neurological diseases, pathology of the eyes, kidneys, organs of the abdominal cavity

  • In women with gynecological pathology or obstetric complications: anomalies of the development of the uterus, placenta previa, abnormal uterine bleeding, childbirth with a scar on the uterus after cesarean section, myomectomy

  • With an intrauterine fetal anomaly

According to the contract with the NHSHU, any childbirth is free of charge, if a pregnant woman who has started labor arrives at the next brigade.
The reception office is open 24 hours a day:
Contact number 259-19-44


Meet the obstetrician-gynecologists who conduct appointments in the specialized women's consultation


Here you can get acquainted with obstetrician-gynecologists who keep records of pregnancy


Endocrinologist, therapist, urologist, sexologist, geneticist, dermatovenerologist, psychologist

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