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Medical rehabilitation

The Department of Medical Rehabilitation of Prematurely Born and Small Children is a medical aid of a multidisciplinary team of specialists in early diagnosis and therapeutic support.

The fundamentally new branch of the Lviv Perinatal Center has been operating since June 2021.

Dreams come true here!


The purpose of the department's work is early detection of developmental pathology and timely assistance, namely promoting the harmonious development of the child and minimizing the occurrence of complications.

The department provides medical rehabilitation services to children who:

  • were born prematurely and with a low body weight - from 500 g

  • born with a congenital pathology

  • have delayed development rates


Our advantages:

  • application of modern methods of early intervention with proven effectiveness
  • teaching the child in the process of playing
  • involving the family in the rehabilitation process

The department includes:

  • catamnestic office

  • vaccination office

  • physical therapy rooms

  • sensory room

  • ultrasound office

  • phototherapy room

Range of medical services:

  • assessment of child development according to standardized international scales

  • vaccination according to the vaccination calendar, taking into account the individual characteristics of the child

  • Ultrasound of the hip joints, abdominal cavity, neurosonography, echo of the heart

  • diagnosis of hearing and vision

  • laser vision correction of prematurely born children

  • blood sampling with an incomplete or positive result of extended neonatal screening

  • genetics consultation

  • medical support of concomitant conditions (epilepsy, motor disorders)

  • physical therapy

  • classes with a sensory therapist to stimulate the development of the nervous system

  • behavior correction with the help of a psychologist

  • taping

  • massage for children from 0 to 3 years

  • cubes, blades, rollers and semi-rollers
  • fitballs
  • mother and ladder
  • racetrack
  • verticalizers Baffin Automatic for children with cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy
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The department has all the necessary equipment for massages and classes:


Systematic classes, education and involvement of parents in the rehabilitation process, cooperation with a team of specialists ensure positive dynamics of development and stable treatment results.

The provision of medical care to babies is carried out sequentially and in stages, according to the principle of a closed cycle of providing neonatal care.
Children receive emergency care from the first minutes after birth in the Department of Anesthesiology and Neonatal Intensive Care.
After stabilizing the condition of young patients, they are transferred to the department of post-intensive care of newborns and discharge of premature babies. A child and his mother can stay in a hospital for more than one month. And already at this stage, medical rehabilitation begins in parallel with treatment and care.
After discharge home, children are under outpatient observation.
Specialists of the department provide medical services for children from 0 to 18 years old.

We accept children under the direction of a family or attending physician or by self-referral.
We help babies grow up healthy!


Meet the obstetrician-gynecologists who conduct appointments in the specialized women's consultation


Here you can get acquainted with obstetrician-gynecologists who keep records of pregnancy


Endocrinologist, therapist, urologist, sexologist, geneticist, dermatovenerologist, psychologist

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